Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Innocent Exile Video

It's always an adjustment switching rock types. After a few days of remembering how to climb on the small sandstone edges and oblique features offered here in Vegas (read: getting stomped) I have managed to enjoy some success on a new boulder that local developer Bill McLamore showed me. I was there to see Bill's first ascent of this crimpy 45 degree line he dubbed Innocent Exile and was so psyched that I threw myself at it two days in a row to no avail, completely demolishing my skin in the process.

The weekend storm proved useful by forcing a little rest and allowing my skin to grow back and I was able to nab the second ascent yesterday afternoon!

As for the grade it's always hard to say. Bill and I both though it to be in the 10 range. The crux is fairly specific and revolves around getting to, holding on, and moving off a very small crimp with a sharp tooth in it.

I know this is a lot of grade spray and it doesn't matter in the end, but since this line is so new I thought I would share. It would be great to get some more people on it and hear your opinions!



  1. Ahh yes. The one great thing about having you back in civilization is getting to see you put out new vids. Nice send duder!

  2. Thanks man! Psyched to make more videos here before it gets too warm.

  3. Nice work on the video Dude. It's really engaging.

    I'm gonna be stopping back in Vegas soon so you'll have to take me back there.

  4. Awesome send! I cringed at the crimp shot, I could feel the pain!

  5. Thanks for watching!

    Dave - I'll take you up there for sure. You'll kill that line. There's some other good stuff in the area as well.

    Jeline - Thanks! That crimper is pretty small. Definitely bites back. Next time you guys come to Vegas I'll have to take you up there.