Friday, March 16, 2012

The End of a Season, The End of a Trip

When Lib and I arrived in Hueco the Lone Star State flag was still flying high for all to see above the Hueco Rock Ranch. However after three months of constant exposure there was scarcely enough fabric left to even call it a flag. Driving out with West Mountain in the rear view mirror I felt akin to the scrap of flag stranded forever to its fate atop the lonely pole.

The past three months were incredible, and I was able to finish nearly everything I was motivated to send without injury, something that never happens on a road trip. That said the desert is a harsh environment and the bouldering in the Tanks is nothing if it isn't physically demanding. It feels strange sitting here in Las Vegas after climbing full time for the majority of a year, but balance has always been a priority for me and I find that I'm surprisingly excited to get back to work and train on plastic. Leaving Hueco without future projects in mind is impossible so I'm as hungry as ever to get stronger for next season.

For those who have been following these ramblings for the past nine months of our trip I thank you for reading. And to all those great people I had the fortune of meeting along the way I hope that you're still out there living the dream.

See you down the road,

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