Friday, March 9, 2012

The Faces of Hueco Brought a Sandstorm

Yesterday was the windiest I have ever experienced in Hueco. It was also the day we chose for our final adventure tour of the season, to the Summit of West Mountain. The Faces of Hueco were conspiring against us, as we had barely warmed up and tried a few lines before almost literally being blown off the mountain.

The Maze receiving a sandblasting.

The view from our perch near the summit of West Mountain.

Anthony attempting to warm up/climb The Poacher V8.

We sought shelter in the Bodysnatcher cave, bracing ourselves against gusts of wind that sent our pads nearly sailing down to ground level.

"10-76 Somewhere warm and preferably indoors"

Anthony getting in a quick send of the classic Bodysnatcher V4.

From Bodysnatcher we headed down to ground level to visit, pay respects, and appeal to the Faces of Hueco for the final time this season on our way to Crash Dummy.

Cold and drained from the constant wind we reached our final destination: Crash Dummy. This boulder remains high on my list for not only the grade, but of any problem I've climbed, Hueco or otherwise. I ran the obligatory lap on this gem and after battling his fatigue Anthony also made an ascent to cap off one of the more extreme days I've spent in the Tanks.


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  1. Too bad there's no good climbing around Vegas. LOL.