Monday, December 19, 2011

Wild West Mountain

The first forced rest day here in Hueco is upon us. A harsh wind and rain alarm clock woke us up and drove us in to town where I poached a shave in a little diner bathroom after a plate of eggs and hash.

The forced rest doesn't come as too much of a shock, as bad weather rumors had been flying around the campfire since Friday. We planned accordingly and got a great day out on West yesterday, hitting a number of spots I had never been including Shroom and a newly developed Copp Out area.

We had a big group and a lot of success, hiking, and a few stops to check out the immaculate rock art. I managed to make quick work of a newer V8 dubbed Weiner in a Beaner (keeping true to the standard of offensive/vulgar Hueco names) as well as the very classic Shroom V9 before hiking down to ground level and ending the day on Crash Dummy, a strong contender for best V7 in Hueco.

The famous Starry Eyed Man.

The White Horned Dancer.

As we hiked out with the sun dipping behind us suddenly and a wild cackle erupted behind us, like a maniacal laugh at a joke I was desperately trying to understand. The tour stopped and turned simultaneously in confusion before someone said, "Coyotes" and it all made sense. The laughter sounded like a mass celebration, but for what I couldn't tell. It lasted for over five minutes, and became increasingly hard to determine if there were a few or a hundred out there on the wild and remote West Mountain.


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