Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Hueco Effect

I've been in Hueco for 4 days. After the first day here it felt as if I never left. It has been awesome seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones alike as Lib and I fall into the rhythm of the Hueco season. There have been a lot of logistical things to take care of, but we have been climbing a fair amount as well.

Most of my psych has been dedicated to becoming a certified volunteer guide for the park. I took my first observed tour out today to the Maze which went really well and I'm scheduled for my second on the 23rd. I'm so excited to be guiding in the backcountry that I haven't even been thinking much about my personal goals, but I know one of them is getting to know the park, specifically West Mountain. There is something wild and mysterious about this monster and I'm looking forward to wandering around it this season.

The winter break crowd had scooped up most of January's North Mt. reservations so it will be easy to spend a good amount of time on other mountains.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some photos soon. Those who have been to Hueco will understand that there is something very magnetic about this place and it can be hard to do anything but climb in the first week or so.

With that said I hope everyone is getting out and having a great winter. See you out there!


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