Monday, December 12, 2011

Kraft - The 50/50 Solo Circuit

Hueco bound tomorrow. Though Vegas has been the home base since August it still feels like I haven't spent much time here this season. With another three months or so on the road, I decided to go out for one last solo session in Kraft. The goal was to rack up 100 points of both new ascents and repeats of classics.

This circuit turned out to be half classic and half overlooked lines, was a great way to keep moving, covered almost the entire boulder field from The Cube to the Monkey Bar boulder, and works well if you're on a solo mission as all the problems listed are a safe height and you can move quickly.

I know that heading out alone to the gym or the boulders can be hard, and finding motivation takes a lot of work so I thought I would share this circuit as something fun to try or at least give some ideas of new problems to check out.

Note: Tom Moulin's Southern Nevada Bouldering guidebook is a must have resource for navigating the more obscure problems. It's worth the coin!

The 50/50 Solo Circuit

Problems: 27
Grade Range: V1-V9/10
Length: Approx. 4 hours
Area: Kraft Boulders

Start: Lava Boulder Near The Cube (Pg. 287).

1. Left Left V2
2. Red Ball Jets V3
3. Squeeze Job V1
4. The Groove V1
5. Thumbs Up V1
6. Thumbs Up Variation V2
7. Arete Left V3

Chess Boulder

8. Queen's Gambit V1
9. Right Face V3

The Shady Lady Boulder

10. Super Slap V7 (To save time and for safety while alone get to the no hands rest after mantling at ~5 feet then turn and jump back on to your pad.)

Family Feud Area

11. Hound Dog Arete V4
12. Butterfly Kiss V3
13. Square Arete V7
15. Ultimate Grandstaff SDS V7

Barndoor Boulder Area

16. Sergeant Hightower V10 (There are other reported ways of making this problem considerably easier, however I couldn't seem to find any of them. Grade accordingly...)

Main Area

17. The Black Bitch V2
18. Smiley Face V1
19. Fin Face V1
20. Potato Chips V2
21. Southeast Face V3

NW of The Angel Dyno Boulder

22. The Prowler V7 (A nice recent addition by Andrew Rosenzweig)

Monkey Bar Boulder

23. Monkey Bars V2 (A.K.A. Monkey Bar Left)
24. Classic Monkey V6 (A.K.A. Monkey Bar Right)
25. Monkey Bar Traverse V7
26. Monkey Bar Direct V8
27. Monkey Bar Direct Right V9

Total points: 103

And you're done! I know there are a lot of classics between #22 and # 23 and I would have liked to some of them, but with the limited daylight and energy they will have to wait for another circuit in the future.

As I'm finishing this post I can see the gloomy sky and light rain out the window. It couldn't be a better time to hit the road for HUECO TOMORROW!


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  1. Work the sit start to "Dusty's Coffee" (at least that's the name in Seth's book) into the same circuit ... and maybe "Orange Top Blue Sky" as well ... eh? eh?
    Have fun in Hueco man! I'm already looking forward to posts from both you and Lib. Be sure to eat a few El Pasito burritos for me while you're there too!