Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moe's Valley Day Trip

For all the time I've semi-lived and climbed in Las Vegas I had never been to Moe's until yesterday.

After a quick ride up the 15 and through the VRG we found the boulders just outside of St. George. You literally drive off a dead end street into some dirt, wind around a bit and there they are.

The day played out like a long gym session with rapid fire attempts and a lot of moving around. I racked up a 57 point circuit in the few hours before it was too dark to boulder with highlights including The Swan V7, Lindner's Roof V9, and a flash of the classic IsRail Direct V8. The rock was surprisingly steeper and more bullet than I expected. I also tried, and came pretty close to sending, Show of Hands V11, but the excuses set in and it will have to wait until next time.

Striking a pose on Lindner's Roof V9.

And though another Moe's day trip won't trump our departure for Hueco in a few days I'll be sure to get back once we're back in Vegas.

It looks like there is already a big crew down in Hueco getting things done and I'm psyched to get down there and keep the motivation high!



  1. I might head to Vegas one more time before the new year, if you want to jump on WD/WDR with me, but I take it you'll be in Hueco before Xmas. Lucky you! Moe's looks sick too! nice job crushing, as usual.

  2. Yeah, our reservations start on the 13th so we're hoping to get down there for those. Hope to see you down there later in the season. Crush the dreams!