Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kill On Sight Video

If you read my last post you'll know that the motivation to stay in Bishop was dwindling. We're back in Las Vegas now on a brief respite before hitting the road again for the last hurrah of our now six month long road trip. And what better way to end a road trip than spending a couple months in the greatest bouldering destination in North America: Hueco Tanks. This will be my first year guiding in Hueco and it's safe to say I'm psyched out of my mind.

Meanwhile I've been splitting time between playing Call of Duty, resting my skin, and getting out to the Kraft boulders every now and again. For some reason I've been magnetizing toward one-movers, and while they mostly end in heartbreak and frustration, I've managed to put down a couple including Super Slap V7, Launch Code V9, and a variation to Craig Berman's Paraplegic V9 which uses the same starting hold but cuts out right using a high drop knee, which I thought might be around V8 and makes for a cool tension move similar, but harder than the opening move on Acid Wash V10 in the Happies.

I've also cut together one of the few videos we captured in Bishop, as we were more focused on taking photos and hanging out with new and old friends. So here it is, a bare bones edit of my send of Kill On Sight V12. Pardon the rebel yells.

Also I'm not sure why it's embedding in the size of a postage stamp. Normal size here.



  1. Max, if you go in to blogger, switch it to full HTML mode and edit the <iframe&rt; tag you can change the width="blah" and height="blah" tags to whatever you like. Just preserve the aspect ratio. 400/225 or so is about as big as you can go without running into the sidebar.

    Everyone's gonna full screen it anyway, but figured I'd throw it out there. Nice send.

    See you cats in Hueco.


  2. That should say <iframe> ..

  3. Rad Max! Do you know when you'll be leaving Vegas for the Tanks?

  4. Thanks for the tech help and the psych! I'm leaving for Hueco in less than a week. So pumped!

  5. Max! Headin down to Hueco. Don't have your number. Sorry, this was the only way I could think to get ahold of you. Give me a call 505 402 4285