Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Joe's Recap

We drove out of Joe's in the rain. As we drove further it began to snow. I guess it was a good time to leave. There are so many great problems out there that I'm psyched to get back on someday, but looking back Lib and I had an amazing time and I managed to finish 78 new problems from V0-V11. It's tough to complain about that. Right now I'm editing part 4 and looking forward to Bishop and Hueco in the weeks to come, but not before making the best of the cool temps here in Vegas.

Here is a short list of the most memorable problems I was lucky enough to send over the past two weeks:

Ghost King
Hydrogenated Oil
Dunkin Donuts*
Worst Case Scenario*
Playmate of the Year
Smokin' Joe (and a couple extensions/variations for fun)
Cow Bell
Dirty Harry
Planet of the Apes*
Wills of Fire*
Shadow of Death*
Scary Monsters*
Snake Mouth*
The Angler*
Bad Genes*
Vertical Ice*
To Infinity*


Hope everyone out there is enjoying the crisp fall temps!


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