Sunday, October 30, 2011

Don't Take a Rest Day on Sunday

Or you'll end up like this:

That was taken a few minutes ago. As you can probably guess it's Sunday and everything is closed.

Yesterday and the day before we climbed, and I managed to make a major breakthrough by flashing Dunkin Donuts V10. The line is in the Raiden area of Left Fork after a 10 minute hike directly uphill over pure choss (as with most approaches here).

Dunkin Donuts V10.

Another angle of Dunkin Donuts.

The lack of photos of me on the line is because we only brought one camera and were recording video of the flash. The problem begins with a few easier moves off pinches and underclings until you have to load up and throw full extension (for me) to a bad sloper. I was worried before trying because this move is looked very accurate, but somehow I managed to snag the worst possible part, stick, and adjust.

With two climbing days left here in Joe's I'm taking every additional send as a bonus. It's been a great two weeks and I'm already excited to get back to Las Vegas and start editing footage for the fourth and final part of the 5,000 Miles project. It's going to be epic. So far we have 14 problems ranging from V2-V11 with V9 and V10 flashes and a V6 flash from Lib.

And remember if you come to Joe's try not to schedule Sunday as a rest day...unless you're into that kind of thing.



  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sick dude!
    SO JEALOUS. Come back to Black Mountain and climb with me again!!

  2. PS. My birthday weekend/Veteran's Day weekend in BISHOP. Be there ore be square.