Friday, November 4, 2011

5,000 Miles - Part 4: Joe's Valley

It's been exactly 5 months since leaving Portland and hitting the road. What a coincidence that today I also finished editing the final installment of the 5,000 Miles project.

Here are a few fun stats from the past 5 months on the road. Thanks to Lib for crunching the numbers.

5,131 miles driven
17 tanks of gas
4 new tires
2 oil changes
254 new boulder problems sent.

Problems in order or appearance:
The Angler V2
Bad Genes V3
Smoothie V5
Dirty Harry V7
Vertical Ice V6 (Flash)
Playmate of the Year V9
Isosceles V4 (Flash)
Stir the Pie V8 (Flash)
Worst Case Scenario V9 (Flash)
Big Cheesy V5
Godsend V9 (Flash)
Shadow of Death V6
Ghost King V11
Dunkin Donuts V10 (Flash)

Music in order of appearance:
Wugazi - Sleep Rules Everything Around Me
Emancipator - Rattlesnakes (saQi Remix)
Take - Fall In Love Again
Emancipator - Ares (Big Gigantic Remix)
Bob Dylan - Song to Woody

Special Thanks:
Seagull Climbing
All the good people we met along the way.

Thanks for watching!

NOTE: We're not done with our trip yet, just the 5,000 Miles Project, so look for shorter videos of Red Rocks, Bishop, and Hueco in the near future!



  1. I loved this video! Nice work guys!

  2. Great job with all the videos. It's a pleasure following your travels!

  3. Thanks Ha!

    Adam - Thanks so much for watching and following along. Hope you're doing well and climbing a lot.