Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Whole 9 - Mt. Charleston

Finished off the 6th and final V9 (Flat Spin 360) in the cave yesterday. This line is pretty contrived, but the movement is irresistible and I couldn't just leave this line all alone waiting for a second ascent.

As for future projects I wasn't sure what to work on after sending, but started getting the transition movements down for Crown of Swords and Brazilian Wax and was surprised how quickly the sequence came. Both of these problems are over 20 moves long (only counting hands, the foot beta is nearly double that) and broken up into 3 distinct sections, or two longer problems with a meager rest. I'm pretty intimidated to start working up to a redpoint because there is so much microbeta that you have to fire off perfectly, and so many chances to blow it, but that's what draws me to a problem in the first place.

With less than two months left in Vegas it's time to get to work on finishing some things before packing up for Texas!


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