Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Inspiration - Carrie Cooper

I got an email yesterday that got me thinking about my favorite climbers. My heroes. When I first started climbing I was amazed and inspired by the big names, the big grades, the big feats. El Cap twice in a day, the new V15 in Switzerland or some crazy free solo.

When I think about it now, while those accomplishments are still amazing, they are not what I admire in a climber anymore. They seem too selfish (especially free soloing). Taking a life long approach to this sport, and seeing people well into their 40's still climbing 5.14 and V10 has stirred a deeper admiration in climbers with full time families, jobs, and lives outside of climbing.

One such person that comes to mind immediately is Carrie Cooper. I had a chance to meet Carrie in Priest Draw this past Spring, and was thoroughly impressed with her lack of ego, and a quiet confidence that seems to be a running trait in stronger, seasoned climbers.

Earlier today I checked her blog to find that not only is she well into her pregnancy, but she was climbing hard through her first trimester!

Here is an excerpt from her post on Monday:

"2. Climbing was the only time I didn't feel nauseous. If it were up to my body I would have stayed on the couch and ate food but thankfully my will was taking notes. Activity fights the nausea, and holds the fatigue at bay.

There are a few catches. I was able to still climb v-hard till I was about 3 months pregnant. My core was still good BUT I had to climb in the morning AND schedule a nap almost directly after. I don't remember being this tired with my first pregnancy but I'll refer to truth #1."

So if you find yourself complaining about a hangover, bad skin, temps, the approach, or anything else get over it!

Read Carrie's entire post HERE.


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