Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mt. Charleston - Progress

Had a pretty good session up at the cave today with Cory and Erik. It feels good to go out with people that are psyched and respectful. The cave seems to get better and cleaner every time I go up there and I'm looking forward to spending more time at such a fun summer spot.

I spent the entirety of the day on a new link up Craig opened called Sideburn, which starts in the center and exits far left to the side through some of the best movement in the cave including a bump through a one finger pocket. I managed to hold on until the final move to the jug twice, but it wasn't in the cards. It felt great to get the movement down and refine the micro-beta. At very least it was a good work out. Here are a couple photos of Erik and Cory on the second half of the problem:


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  1. I'm super psyched man. Good lines with good peeps. WE HAVE GOT SOME WORK TO DO!