Friday, August 6, 2010

The Delirious Project - Mt. Charleston

I joined Craig yesterday up at the cave for his last day of climbing before heading back east. He has spent the last few days working on one of the last lines yet to be done in the cave, and certainly the hardest. After some last minute shoe and beta adjustments he was in redpoint mode. As the cave got darker we lit up the headlamps and Craig gave it one more try, barely dabbing on the pad. He jumped back on immediately and finished it out, coming as close as you can get without sending. The tentative name comes from Craig's request to play Prince's song Delirious before each burn.

Here is a video I cut together of the various attempts and days of work Craig put into the line both in natural light, by headlamp, and even lantern. Hopefully sometime in the future I'll post a clip of the send. Until then enjoy.

The Delirious Project, Mt. Charleston from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.


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