Sunday, August 22, 2010

Goblin Cleavers and Farewell - Mt. Charleston

Yesterday I joined Pete, Andrew, and Bill for a morning cave session to send Craig off to Salt Lake City properly. It was hot compared to the night sessions I am accustomed to, but there was a nice breeze and plenty of motivation. I was the youngest of the group by nearly 10 years and also the weakest. It is overwhelmingly inspiring to see people float up double digit boulder problems into their 30's. I learn the most around people like this because they have lived and climbed through so much that their advice is void of speculation or ego, grounded in practicality and quiet confidence.

Pete managed to make a first ascent of a line that links the Delirious start into the Mach 3 exit and, inspired by the 1977 animated feature The Hobbit, named the climb Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver suggesting a loose grade of V10/11.

I spent most of the day either climbing, laughing or listening and neglected my camera, but here are a few photos:
Pete and Craig pioneer the new sub-sport of synchronized climbing.
Bill doing what he does best: Crimping the life out of things.



  1. thats an awesome name for a route, that movie is great. maybe glambdring the foehammer next...sick

  2. Haha. Funny you should bring that up. That name was actually mentioned for one of the other exits. It could be the next one.