Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last Resort - Mt. Charleston

Hiked out beyond the resort off Kyle Canyon road yesterday in search of new boulders. There was one freestanding bloc that looked of particular interest and a cliff band to the left that seemed worth the hike.

From the dumpster behind the resort the two areas are clearly visible on the the other side of an unfinished wasteland. It looks like a golf course construction project that ran out of money. The half-buried shreds of tarp flapping in the wind. The partially dug ponds and sand traps. Strangest of all was a winding ribbon of pavement snaking back and forth into the hillside.

After an hour of bushwhacking, following the pavement to dead ends, backtracking, and a steep climb up a loose slope I found the boulder and the cliff band around the corner. As much as I wanted to see the lines, wanted the pay off for the hike, it was a disappointment. Worth the hike to satisfy curiosity, but that was all.


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