Thursday, August 26, 2010

Delivered - Mt. Charleston

It rained at Mt. Charleston yesterday. Sometime before sundown though, because we only saw traces on the hike up. It smelled wonderful. Very still.

For once I decided to leave the camera at home and have a pure climbing session. Two days before I had fallen off the final move of Goin' Postal V10 and I wanted to send.

Warming up I felt restless and kept glancing over at the line. Without realizing it I was at the bottom reaching for the start holds, too hyped up to wait any longer. It's amazing how powerful motivation can be.

I was surprised to send first go. I fumbled with one hand hold and did not feel solid on the crux foot movements setting up to the undercling pinch, but the motivation stayed, and was just enough.

This is the best line I have climbed in the cave so far. Definitely a step up in difficulty from all the V9s in the cave (for me anyway), but also very different in its direct, sustained movement with little to no rest. It is a true gem that I can see becoming a classic line in the cave.



  1. It seems like so many sends happen after messed up sequences, mis-grabbed holds, or barely stuck moves. It's good to remember that even if an attempt doesn't go exactly as planned, forget about it and keep moving.

    Good stuff man, looking forward to checking out this cave... maybe next summer.

  2. You're totally right. Motivation trumps all minor mistakes.

    The cave is a great summer training ground. It's been cleaning up very nicely.