Thursday, May 13, 2010

Master of None V8

Most recently I went out in the morning to try the Muscle and Blood project on the Diesel and Gremlin boulder. I thought that I might be able to beat the sun before it crested over the eastern rim of the wash. I was wrong. So wrong. The boulder was still cool from the night before, however the climb was in direct sunlight. Eight in the morning and I'm out in the wash with no project. Great.

Hoping to try Tailpipe before the sun rose too high, I hiked past Jack of All Trades, a V4 I had walked by a few times but never done.

After sending the line I noticed what I thought was a line heading up the featureless arete on the right side of the boulder. After working out the beta I tried a few times from the bottom, but the slopers were heating up fast and I had to give it up.

Later that day after the sun fell behind the western edge of the wash the itch was too strong and I made the hike back to the boulder to finish it up second try.

The name of the problem finishes up the proverb. Jack of all trades, master of none. Enjoy.

UPDATE: I did not get the first ascent of this problem. I recently found out that Pete Lowe did it first and coincidentally gave it the same name. He rated it V7, however I think it is closer to V8. Thanks to Bill for the info, saving me at least a little embarrassment.

Master of None V8, Red Rocks from Max Moore on Vimeo.


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