Thursday, May 13, 2010


About a week ago I got some footage of a couple classics in Kraft to try an experiment. When I watch a bouldering video, or any climbing video for that matter, it's usually to glean beta and decipher the crux, landing, top out, or otherwise. In a DECENT climbing vid you may get some helpful close-ups, but even if you have that it can be tough to determine micro beta, foot trickery, or otherwise. I decided to make a series of videos where I talk about the problem in full detail, with full visual coverage of the climb.


Some people hate this. Bouldering is about figuring it out yourself. What's with the lame spray? That's cheating! Etc. Okay. Maybe you're on to something. Maybe that's what bouldering is to you, and I even tend to agree, but as someone who does a lot of solo trips and isolated bouldering I like to know some basic information before I get on a climb. It's no different than if I were on a huge trip with ten people, getting ten different eyes and ideas in order to distill the best beta of a problem.

Most importantly...

This video project has the advertisement of boulder problems as its priority. I wanted to show these lines off as classic problems that are fun to climb, so without further ado here is the pilot video in the series.

BETAMAX - Monkey Bar Direct V8 & Direct Right V9, Red Rocks from Max Moore on Vimeo.


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