Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diesel and Gremlin V7

Right in the middle of the wash! How was this overlooked? Very interesting boulder with a standing start. Bust a semi-campus move, throw a heel parallel to your head and launch! I originally spotted the line to the left, stretching your body out to a terrible sloper, but as it turns out this line will probably fall in the V11 range. Psyched! It feels good to discover a line that hard. I feel like my line spotting chops are up and am only more excited to keep exploring. The only downer is the temps. In fact, the line may have to wait until next winter if the heat keeps up. Either way it's something to look forward to.

This line is dedicated to the two strongest cats coming out of Chicago. Isabelle Faus ( and MIchaela Kiersch.

Diesel and Gremlin V7 First Ascent, Red Rocks from Max Moore on Vimeo.


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