Friday, November 30, 2012

Long Exposure Part II - Bishop

A few more images from a quick trip to Bishop. The moon was a bit too bright for anything longer than 20 minutes, but I'm pleased with the turnout. I'm looking forward to another session out at Red Rock soon.

25 minute single exposure. The North Star can be seen at the center of the swirl, showing the Earth's rotation during the shot.

Night sky over the Buttermilks. Eerily quiet.
~18 minute exposure of the Peabody boulders.

15 minute exposure.

In rock climbing news It has been unseasonably warm here in Vegas leaving me in a state of agitation when out trying friction dependent problems. I've decided to bide my time in the gym with the goal of developing Iron Fists like The RZA.

When things cool down and I actually finish some boulders I hope to have some videos to post.



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  2. Hey Max! You don't know me but my names Dylin Cordova. I'm a Rock Climber who hails from the crowded freeways of LA! I also happen to be a long time reader of your blog, enjoying old classics of yours such as the betamax videos (which you should start up again) Anyways me and my buddy Hayden Miller are gonna be heading up to red rocks this weekend to go climb on some immaculate sandstone. If your down to meet up we would appreciate it greatly! The goal of the trip is climbing wet dream as it seems to be one of the most beautiful lines i've ever seen. It would be nice to climb on it with others who are psyched! Alright lemme know meng.


    1. Hey Dylin,

      Thanks for reading and getting in touch! Are you just in for the weekend? I would love to get out with you both, but with shooting weddings I work every weekend, unfortunately including this coming one. If you are in town for Monday or if you come back to town during the week I would be really psyched to get out with you! Black Velvet is amazing, I am so psyched on that canyon!

      Have a good trip and I hope to climb with ya in the future.