Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cave Life

People are going to think I'm nuts for saying this, but the summers in Vegas are awesome for bouldering. That's not true at all. What I meant to say was the summers thousands of feet above the valley at Mt. Charleston are awesome for bouldering. And even that statement might make the sport locals grind their teeth.

For those that have been following along with this blog since the beginning (anyone?) you might remember my posting about a poor man's Mars Roof made up of crumbly limestone conglomerate last season and the season before.

That's right, I've managed to squeeze enough lines out of this cave for THREE seasons, and there are still about 5 or 6 lines left! If you love power endurance bouldering with great movement on crappy rock then this place can't be matched.

There are only a few other people crazy enough to love this cave as much as I do. My good friend and original developer of the cave, Craig Berman, his fiance Myranda, and of course Lib. Both Lib and Myranda have been making FFAs all over the place while Craig and I have been masterminding a way to produce a line potentially in the V13 range.

I don't doubt for a second that there is a line of this difficulty in the cave. With multiple double digit problems and plenty of linking potential it's bound to happen, and definitely fuels my motivation for the 45 minute drive and 35 minute approach up the mountain.

For those interested here's a list of some new (for me) lines and a few projects:

Finished: The Cleaver V10, Second Base V10, Detour V11, The Foehammer V11

Still Working On: Fu Man Chu V11, Moustache Ride V12, Delirious V11/12, and The Barbershop Project V+++?

Hope everyone out there is staying happy, healthy and motivated. More updates soon!


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