Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Good Week

The weeks really fly by here in Hueco. It can be easy to just let them pass and disengage your memory while tending to other distractions. Skin, rest, forced rest, my project, your project. I'm as guilty as the next climber.

But this past week begs reflection, standing out as one of the best of the season. Yes, there was a good amount of sending for all, but there was also something in the weather, something in the company that all came together just so.

Yesterday, for Andrew's last day in Hueco and to round out his four mountain trip, we headed to East Mt. Perfect temperatures and a slight breeze laid the groundwork for our team of four to rack up a combined 64 points in new boulders.

I managed to put down one of my standing projects with a last ditch effort send of Liane V11. I first tried this boulder a few weeks ago and felt very satisfied with the slow, but measurable progress leading up to yesterday's send. This overlooked line is certainly one of the harder crimp boulders I've been able to finish.

Working Liane V11 earlier this season. Setting up for the crux foot cut.

Other highlights from the tour included Nate pulling out a very last minute send of Julio and Me V9, Andrew's send of Hector in a Blender V7, and Lib's impressive day flash of Baby Eckstein V7.

Names and numbers aside it was one of those days only found in Hueco. The perfect end of a great week.


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