Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big News!

First off, here is the only picture worth posting from the past few days. And it's not of rock climbing.

Javelina's just off the trail.

With that out of the way a lot has happened in the last week or so. This past Tuesday I picked up my buddy Andrew from the airport, drove straight to the park, and headed out to the Spur. I had the pleasure of showing him around the Maze and the Gunks for the first time where he proceeded to have an awesome session enjoying all the Spur has to offer from Jigsaw Puzzle all the way to That Hi-Pro Glow. Along the way I had a great time repeating some choice classics and by the end of the day there was still a bit of time to try The Flame. We had fewer pads and spotters than any of my previous sessions and though a bit apprehensive, after a high point attempt and taking a full force back splat onto foam I felt safe to give it one more try before the corridor fell into complete darkness.

On my final try I was able to move my right heel higher than I had on previous efforts and squeezed hard on it for the big throw to the ear (a longer and more difficult move since a key hold broke a year or two ago). As I tossed, waiting for the familiar thud of pads against my back I felt my fingers latch and as if turning on the autopilot I adjusted my heel and a right hand before setting up for the second crux - a throw to the sloping lip. I felt a scream escape as I leaped for the lip and to my shock and amazement I stuck, scrambling as fast as possible to the top of the boulder. It's moments like these that I live for, the split second of suspending every doubt, the lightness and freedom of movement, and amazement of what the body is capable of. It's sure to be a send that will stand out and appreciate as time goes on.

The following day we headed back for a full day on the Spur, rounding out the tour with a few new problems and areas before heading up to Bush League. Before I even had a chance to call in our 20 on the radio Lib was arranging pads and mentally preparing for her project. With the pads arranged the motivation too high to wait any longer Lib fired the line first try in perfect style, leaving us all saying, "Well, what's next?"

I'm sure by this point, if you're still reading you might be wondering what this "Big News!" is all about...

I'm proud to announce that I've been invited to join evolv's amazing team of athletes for the 2012 roster and I'll be happily accepting! Ever since meeting and climbing with Isaac Palatt, one of evolv's original athletes, I have been nothing but impressed by their team's enthusiasm and positive outlook on climbing. In the past eight months on the road I have had the pleasure of once again meeting up with Isaac, but also climbing with and befriending Anthony Tarascio and Jesse Bonin, both excellent people ambassadors and very talented climbers. It goes without saying that evolv has a huge presence both in the US and abroad so I feel very lucky to be part of the team!