Monday, January 23, 2012

Two On the Spur

After my last rest day I realized that there is only so much time left this season. After being here for over a month I am thoroughly happy with what I've managed to finish off and the awesome people I've met, but with a month and a half left it is time to focus in on a few select classics.

Luckily, the list finally shrank a bit after finishing off Rumble in the Jungle yesterday after a few days refining beta and dialing in the tricky V4/5 slab exit.

Lib also put down one of her East Spur projects with an impressive send of That Hi-Pro Glow. Anyone that has climbed or attempted this classic knows that it does not favor the short, making her full span foot cut pretty bad ass.

Here are a few of here photos from the past couple days out in the backcountry:

Dustin killing Wheaties second try!

A productive high point link the day before sending on Rumble.

Setting up to walk the feet over.

Psyched to send a hard rock climb!


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  1. BADASS. I need to schedule a rematch with that slab finish, badly.