Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to North

The crowds have thinned and everyone here for the season has been psyched to get back on their North Mountain projects. I managed to send a mini project with a classic Hueco name: Anal Intruder #10 V11 while Lib made quick work of Stegasaur V7.

The following day brought a wave of heat, though we tried to climb anyway. After a long lazy warm up I figured out the majority of the movement on Barefoot on Sacred Ground V12 before heading over to the front side for entirely too long of a lunch break.

I never quite got back up to steam after lunch, however Nate made some progress on Diaphanous Sea V11/12 and Power of Silence V10 while I tried to make my fingers cooperate. Today is hot as well, but hopefully the weather will cool a bit or I'll just have to find some nice caves to hide out in. In other words I'll be at Rumble til further notice.

Nate on Diaphanous Sea V11/12.

Warming up on the ultra classic Hershey's Symphony V1.

Nate on Power of Silence V10.


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