Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time in the Backcountry

NYE at the HHR.

After bringing in the New Year in true Hueco style I decided to let the North Mountain lines die down and opted to spend the first two days of the year guiding in the backcountry. Its great to get out there with people that are psyched to be in Hueco and the energy has been contagious.

Everyone typically sends at least one new problem or project on tour and I have been finishing/getting closer on a few of my own as well.

Lib trusting the thin footholds on Slim Pickins V5.

On the flash go of Sex After Death V8.

At the end of a long day of climbing we were treated to a rare sighting of these Aoudad Sheep.

The next day on an East Mountain tour. Nate latches the "H" on Full Service V10 and takes it all the way to a new high point.

Tom dialing out the opening moves on Mo' Mojo V11.

Resetting the heel during an unexpected send of Mojo V10 at the very end of the day.

Nate setting up for the big move on Mojo.


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