Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mark of the Beast - West Mountain Style

Ending the year with another beautiful Hueco sunset.

After a final two-on stretch, I'm happily resting and reflecting not only on the past couple days, but the year in general. 2011 began with a cold day of punting at the basalt boulders of Carver with friends and ended with a "Commercial" tour consisting of just Lib and I wandering around East Mountain where I managed to punt once again on Full Service V10 but ended on a consolation flash of Something Different V8.

Without doubt it's been another year of trying to climb as much as possible, and I'm sure that 2012 will shape up to be the same.

Okay, so with all the year end nostalgia out of the way it's time to talk about the new circuit I was fortunate enough to pioneer with a good group this past Thursday. It's similar to the Mark of the Beast on East/East Spur in that it consists of 3 classic 6's, but takes both the climbing and the hiking to a totally new level, a West Mountain Level.

#1: Devil's Butthole V6

This 25+ foot roof climb is the shortest and probably easiest problem on the circuit. Be sure to take the full rest midway by crawling into the butthole and contemplating your existence. I've also heard a puma lives at the end it...

Emerging from the darkness of the Devil's Butthole V6.

#2: Corey the Pimp V6

A long, steep approach leads you to this long and steep wall. Known as the Norwegian Wall, this area is home to multiple long problems, the easiest of them being this 30+ foot jug haul littered with redpoint cruxes.

Andy finishing out the opening crux.

15 moves later in the middle of the pocket crux.

Maybe 10 moves after the pocket crux, the final top out crux into the toilet bowl.

#3: Long Dong V6

Hopefully your forearms have depumped and you still have some juice left for arguably the hardest and most classic problem of the circuit. I'm not sure how long this problem is, but this photo is a good reference.

Our landing strip of pads under Long Dong V6. The start holds are another 10ish feet below the last red pad.

Kim setting up for one of the final moves before a Thank God (Satan) jug.

Sticking the next move.

For only climbing three problems we were all worked at the end of the day. The Beast must have been smiling down at me that day because I was lucky enough to flash all three. Walking back around West Mountain to the parking lot we figured that we had climbed roughly 100 feet total.

So if you're looking for an adventure or a great endurance workout make sure to check this circuit out. And may the Beast be with you!



  1. Nice circuit, dude! 100 feet of V6 is not too shabby a day! I see you're hanging with good peeps, as should be expected. Now go send Full Service already!

  2. I know I need to stop punting on the end and just finish that thing! Although I must say there are worse projects to have...