Monday, January 9, 2012

Natural Disaster & More Forced Rest

Our splitter weather has been interrupted with what started as a light rain, turned into a downpour, and ended up as a flurry of snow that continued throughout the night and into the early morning.

That said it looks like I'll be taking a couple rest days to let my skin heal up and the park dry out. I'll be sure to log some serious hours at Primos (now Rick's) and the $2 (or $1 Tuesdays) movies theatre.

I also did a bit of rock climbing the past couple days, however there is little photographic proof except for this shot...

Working the stunning West Mountain Neo-Classic Natural Disaster V10.


P.S. Dustin and Narissa if you're reading Lib and I got your box of goodies and can't thank you enough!


  1. max, we love following you and lib and reading about all your proj's, quick sends, and hardcore-ness :D keep up the strong work, dude!

  2. Thank for reading! You guys should come back for the Rodeo!