Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Productive Third Day On

The past few days have seen thinning crowds, perfect temps, and a lot of time out in the park.

Yesterday, after a fully psyched Tom burst into the barn looking for someone to take him out to Rumble in the Jungle V11/12, a group of us rallied for a surprisingly productive third day on.

Nate brushing the tricky slab on Rumble in the Jungle V11/12.

On the opening moves of Rumble.

Warming up I felt like garbage, however the motivation was contagious and I managed to make good links including a highpoint on the boulder. Congrats to Tom on the send!

Tom on the send go of Rumble.

Lib also made a highpoint on That Hi-Pro Glow V6, while Nate sent this classic Spur line second try.

We rounded out the day in the Stableboy area where Nate made progress on A Good Day For Swiss Crisp Mix and Dead Serious, both V10.

With our skin thrashed and the sun dropping we headed back to the Ranch. Luckily the crowds have been thinning out lately and hopefully we'll be able to get back to North Mountain projects sooner than later. In the meantime you'll probably be able to find us out in the Spur.


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  1. Gah, Rumble is soo sick! Have you been up to Down in Flames yet?