Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Good First Day in Bishop

Last March, in a far too short week and a half stay in Bishop, I managed to send Standing Kill Order. That day I worked out all but a couple moves on the sit, and was psyched to get back on it the next day, our last of the trip. I awoke to rain and wind in the Pit, and ran up to find the line dripping.

Seven months later I woke up in Las Vegas at 7:00am, drove straight to the Pit, set up camp, drove to the Happies, charged up the hill, reacquainted myself with the low moves, and somehow sent the full sit, Kill On Sight V12, after about an hour!

Taken a few moments before the send go on Kill On Sight V12.

It was by no means smooth, and in fact I botched a move or two, cut my feet far too many times, and had to yell it out, but a send is a send, and I think an experience like that is even more memorable.

Yesterday was a light session Buttermilks, where I focused on my mental fitness and technique with lines such as The Hunk V2 and Buttermilk Stem V1. I find as much satisfaction in being able to climb off the deck comfortably as I do sending a hard project, and the progression of each in a short time feels amazing.

Buttermilk lizards have fantastic technique.

It looks like a lot of friends are headed to Bishop this weekend and next so regardeless of what gets finished and what remains a project it is going to be an awesome trip. Psyched!



  1. Woot! Crush mode imminent. Here's hoping for a repeat of May's Leavenworth trip..

  2. See you Friday night in the Pit, homie.