Monday, July 25, 2011

Regrowing Skin and Killing Time

After another successful two day stretch climbing at the Saddles our skin and psych needed some time off. Lib has been getting closer on the stand start to Nazgul V9, using some heinous tiny-fingers-can-match-anything beta while I have been hurling myself at the go-go gadget arms opening move of Wick's Problem V11. Our time here in Northern California is drawing to a close, however we do want to make it up to the Sierra Buttes once before hitting the road.

I'm excited to say that I have begun to edit Part 2 of our 5,000 miles project and it's coming along well. When potential footage from Tuolumne, Rock Creek, and Black Mountain is figured in we may have a long second installment!

Hopefully I'll remember to snap a few photos along with all the filming next time we're out at the boulders, but until then here are some of the extreme things we do away from the rocks.

Bocce Ball action shots!

Extreme synchronized icing!


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