Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nazgul Stand & Wick's Problem (Attempts)

I know, I know. Attempt videos? Well, at least it's better than typed-out beta. I'm also really excited for and proud of Lib for her determination and psych. It's been really inspiring when I approach Wick's.

Also, I can't stress enough how bad the crimp is that Lib's throwing for. When I sent it was hard enough settling one hand on the hold, let alone attempting to match. Brutal!

Four climbing days left in the area before heading south to Tuolumne, Rock Creek, and maybe the Ronin boulder.

Needless to say we're pretty psyched to try as hard as we can with the time we have left!



  1. Man, attempt videos are totally rad. Don't even sweat it. Keep crushing.

  2. Thanks, man. We'll try our best. Looks like you've been doing some crushing of your own lately.

  3. Nice dude. It's always cool to see hard moves and watch somebody make progress on a project.

  4. Attempt videos are some of my favorites. I've always felt it gives the viewer greater appreciation for a problem/send when you see the struggle. The grunts and frustration of trying hard is a better soundtrack than most any song can provide.

  5. Great attempts, And Lib keep up the good work and determination. I know you can achieve anything.

    From; backpack

  6. Thanks for the support! Unfortunately we didn't send, but we had fun and learned a lot in the process.