Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Inspiration

What kind of climbing blog would this be without the obligatory nod to Chris Sharma?

At this point I may have watched every frame of video ever recorded in Bishop, California and uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo. From the dark and grainy work of Thomastyy as he shoots his bro burling out on Beefcake to the time lapse laden postcard shots of Colin Delehanty.

I find myself coming back to videos of Evilution to the Lip. Yes, I know it's a drop off, but there is something about climbing right up the stunning green belly of a boulder the size of a castle that attracts me.

Eventually I found this clip put together by Prana celebrating the legacy of the now 30 year old legend. At the 23 second mark he makes the opening moves to Evilution climb seem... Well, just watch.

Here's to warming up on V10.


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