Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Next Big Thing

The seemingly overnight development of Lincoln Lake in Colorado, a state teeming with climbers, makes me wonder where the next big area is hiding. New Mexico comes to mind immediately for some reason. Having only driven through I have little knowledge about the state, but I remember being surprised at seeing so much rock and never hearing about any areas.

It could be Montana, Idaho, or somewhere down south. It could be in Oklahoma. It may be in all of these states, or it may not exist at all, but the idea of a new Hueco or Bishop somewhere in the U.S. is something that keeps my mind occupied as I fill up a water bottle and head to the gym week after week.



  1. It's all about getting off the beaten path. Love those days wondering around a virgin boulder field, putting up first ascents left and right. I have been to some places that would blow your mind, even if they're not quite the next Hueco.

  2. It's true. Finding and cleaning a line, and the point where you realize it goes. Such a great feeling.