Thursday, July 15, 2010


Last night, after four days of work, I sent the hardest one move problem I have tried to date. After nearly ten tries yesterday evening I decided to try once more before packing up the pads. Everything lined up and I managed to reel in the violent swing as the moon rose from behind the evergreen horizon.

Everything about this problem is brief and subtle. The foot placement, the exactness demanded from the right hand start hold, and move itself are all extremely unforgiving of the smallest error. These qualities coupled with the fleeting rush from the send led me to the name "Brevity," and based on the number of attempts and days working on the problem I am very comfortable giving it V9.

Lying on top of the boulder I felt pure satisfaction. It is moments like these that make all the work, all the lost skin, and all the frustration absolutely worth it.

Here is the video:

Brevity, V9 from BLOCHEAD on Vimeo.


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