Friday, June 4, 2010

Mapping the Miles

I was trying to calculate the amount of miles I've driven in the past six months starting with a trip I took just after finishing undergraduate school, leaving from Chicago, IL. Here are the numbers:

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Route: Chicago, IL > Grass Valley, CA > Bishop, CA > Las Vegas, NV > Joshua Tree, CA > Hueco Tanks, TX and finally back to Las Vegas, NV.

Total Miles: 4,216 not including the nearly 800 accumulated while living in Hueco for two months. A safer estimation including all the driving to and from crags would be ~5,000 miles.

Here is a map of the most recent trip to Hueco for guide training:

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Las Vegas > Flagstaff, AZ > Hueco Tanks, TX > Las Vegas, NV

Total Miles: 1,516 just figuring the driving distance.

That's roughly 6,500 miles driven in the past six months. 2,250 I drove alone.

I wish that was it, but with two more scheduled drives ahead of me (1,400 miles combined) I can project a total of nearly 8,000 miles logged by the end of the summer.

Just for fun here is a visual representation of my travels from 12/2009 projected through 8/2010:

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That's over 125 hours of straight driving.


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