Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From a Desert to a Desert Through a Desert.

Left Hueco this morning after a night of board games and barely cold beer. Twelve hours later I'm in another desert 750 miles away. Guide training went well. It was nice to get some face time with the rangers and permanent residents of the Rock Ranch. It made for a good environment to ask questions and iron out some things I was unsure of going into this past weekend. I have a great feeling about this season.

In the mean time it's too hot to climb in Vegas. Gym season has officially begun. I'll be climbing here for a few days and then making one last solo drive to northern California for the summer. I'm very excited for one main reason, but other than that it will be fun to explore that area. Granite and development are two areas where I lack experience so it will be good motivation leading up to this season in Hueco.
Class of Memorial Day weekend.
Before it went on the fridge.

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  1. Congratulations! Let me know as soon as we can schedule guide time with you for the winter. It looks like we've already got at least 4 set to head down there sometime in December