Saturday, May 22, 2010

Turning to Stone - Priest Draw Day 6

Food poisoning. Couldn't even keep water down.

Hours later a paramedic sticks an IV in my arm and my body freezes up. I can't open my fingers, can't feel my toes, and my skin stretches against my neck and stomach muscles. I thought I'd never move them again. I felt as if i were turning to stone.

Five minutes (hours) later and I felt the blood creeping back into my paralyzed limbs. I thought of only one thing, then fell into a daze.

Two liters of fluid directly into my veins and I start to feel strength returning. My blood pressures still low. Wound up spending over seven hours in the hospital. I hadn't eaten in twenty-two hours.

Tomorrow looks like a recovery day and then we'll see.

Translation: Pain


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