Friday, May 21, 2010

Starting from Scratch - Priest Draw Day 5

It took one and one half days for my muscles to recover. While eating breakfast and blasting Kanye West two Vegas climbers, Josh and James, drove by. I was psyched to see them and said I'd meet them at the Bat Roof to warm up.

Pulling on my muscles didn't scream. I actually felt good. On to Floor Pie.

I sent first go and recreated some moves for a video I'll most likely cut together next rest day. Feeling loose and gaining some much needed confidence the three of us hiked over to Anorexic. After a couple foot cuts and a campus move I found myself at the sloper over the lip, and though the top-out was not the most stylish, it was done. Again, I isolated some movement for close-ups and decided to try the right exit, Meat Eater, V8. I came pretty close to flashing, thanks to good spots and encouragement from Josh and James, but the crux was enigmatic enough to cause me to hesitate, something I've found the Draw to have little tolerance for, and spat me off.

I worked the moves a bit, figured out a sequence, decided to save it for later, and we marched on to Mars Roof.

I was hoping to stash my pad there for the next session, however upon arriving Carrie said that hers had been stolen from its cave. Disgusting. I hope that whoever swiped the pad is cursed with a long punting streak. Preferably off top-out jugs.

The moves on The Receptionist felt easier today, and that was encouraging. I still have a long way to go, but it's the progress that keeps the motivation afloat.

James cooling down on the famous Cheetos Boulder.

Josh still smiling at the end of the day.


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