Sunday, May 16, 2010

Master(s) of None

I found out today that a climb I thought I put up a couple days ago had already been done. Whoops. That's embarrassing. Especially after posting to Dead Point Magazine. It happens. The first ascent actually belongs to now local strong man Pete Lowe. Obviously I was not trying to steal Pete's glory. I'm happy the line has been found. All I have been doing in my time back in Vegas is trying to explore and get the word out about the potential so more Pete Lowe's will come put up more fun rock climbs, like Master of None.

The funny thing is that he dubbed it the exact same name I did. Considering that the name is pretty logical, completing the proverb 'Jack of all trades, master of none,' it's not as suprising, but still. He could have chosen anything. I could have chosen anything. It makes me wonder.

How many first ascentionists go unsung? How many climbs in hyper-developed places like Hueco, Bishop, or Fontainebleu have been done years ago, but never spoken of? With the advent of websites like and the rise of the climber/videographer these mistakes are lessened, but next time you develop what you think is a new line take a minute to wonder if you were really up there first.

Here is the revised video.

Master of None V8, Red Rocks from Max Moore on Vimeo.


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