Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kraft in a Day

Yesterday might have been my last time climbing at Kraft for the season. The temperatures are only getting hotter, and I can feel the moisture in my fingertips mid climb. Time to look toward the higher altitudes. Colorado? Arizona? We'll see. It's going to be an amazing summer either way.

As for yesterday I had the opportunity to give a couple friends from Chicago the whirlwind tour of the area. It felt great to be with people that had never seen the area. I forget how much I take for granted. I get so focused on a project that I manage to develop tunnel vision in such a beautiful place.

I think it did me some good to have a relaxing day with these two, and served as a good cap to the season. We spanned nearly the entire guidebook, from Potato Chips to Jack of All Trades, making the essential stops at the Pearl and the Monkey Bar boulder.

I didn't get on anything terribly hard, climbing on whatever those guys were excited about. Other than repeats of Monkey Bar Direct, The Pearl, and Jack of All Trades, I didn't climb much. Peter made quick work of the best V2's in the field, flashing Potato Chips and knocking off Monkey Left in two burns. At the end of the day I gave a few lame duck attempts at the Muscle and Blood project, but fell on link going to the horrible sloper. Might as well let that boulder bake all summer and hope that somehow it feels easier by Christmas.

Peter on the opening moves of Jack of All Trades, V4

Getting stretchy on The Missing Link, V5

Tongue is out, must be trying hard.

Sums up the feel of the day.

As we hiked out the sun had just fallen over the ridge, and the whole boulder field glowed red. The air hot, no wind. It's been a good season.


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