Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amateur Hour

Does anyone still read this thing? I doubt it. But if you do and you're wondering what I've been up to since November 7th, the answer is this working on this goddamned video. 

I made this entirely on my own with the exception of some filming. It wasn't until arriving back in Vegas that I realized I had to scrub through nearly 80 gigs of semi-unusable nonsense with no story outline, no ideas, and no help. Oh, and it was pretty much all shot on an iPhone.

This is my first attempt at making a feature-length film and the process could not have been more stressful. I had every technical issue imaginable during editing and exporting including my computer dying completely without notice. The film was nearly finished an was not backed up. I was sure that all those months would be for nothing, but somehow the bastard made it out alive.
The lack of vision, foresight, footage, and quality of this film cause me to see red. I can't even watch it anymore. That said I am happy with what I made out of the materials available and I think the heart of it shows through.

With great relief I'm happy to dump this onto the internet forever and be done with it.

I hope you enjoy watching this, wait what am I talking about? I don't care at all if you enjoy it or not.

And please for the love of God don't watch it on your phone or in the thumbnail.

1 comment:

  1. You all killed it! And per your request, we watched it on our big screen TV!