Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Power + Power Endurance Workout

It's not getting any colder here in Vegas. With less than 90 days to go before leaving for South Africa you will most likely find me in the gym doing crazy shit like this:

This workout took 4 1/2 hours so make sure you have some time if you want to give it a try. Everything on the paper is pretty self explanatory, just make sure not to rest during the workout periods. The rest should be chalking up in most cases. Some notes:

2 mins rest between 4x4 sets seemed fine. Less rest for 3x3 and 2x2 etc.
5 mins rest between each cycle of Campus/Push/Core is enough as well.
Keep track of your hourly point total so you can beat it next time.
At MOST rest up to 2 mins between problems during the "power hour" avoid long water breaks or talking with people. Bouldering isn't supposed to be fun and you know that! :)

Leave any other question or effective workouts you like to do in the comments below.

Stay motivated and hold on for one more move,



  1. Great workout, thanks!

    Just few questions -
    1) Grades. How do you choose the grades to climb during this workout, I mean if my on-sight level in the gym is v6-v7, what should I climb?
    2) How many times per week are you doing this?


    1. Hey Nikolay,

      In response to your questions,

      1. Feel it out as you go along as far as grades are concerned. That's a really tough area to pin down accurately so make sure you are pushing yourself and can finish 60-75% of the workout. If you finish 100% choose some harder terrain, and vice versa.

      2. Once a week or once every two weeks. It can become tedious so I mix it up or do a variation of the above workout. I typically climb and/or train 4 or 5 sessions per week with the above workout as the most involved.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Since i have spotted this style of workout ie the power hour style I trained like 2 weeks and fell off for personal/life reasons BUT its insane how strong you get that quickly. With summer here im full force back on and expect to crush in winter!

  3. Max,

    Awesome blog and great looking workout there. You and Lib are getting crazy strong. Congrats on the Asana thing too.

    I met you and Lib down in Bishop about a year and a half ago, and just stumbled across your blog. Ben, from Vancouver Island. I just thought I would post a message here to see if you were interested in checking out a brand new bouldering area. I discovered a valley full of granite boulders here on Vancouver Island last fall with potential for 1000+ boulder problems maybe even 2000+ on super featured and solid granite. We're closing in on 100 problems so far. Endless development awaits though. It's going to be pretty amazing. You interested?

    Regardless, hope all is well.


    1. Hey Ben,

      Great to hear from you and thanks for reading! That area sounds amazing, but it looks like I won't be able to get anywhere until next fallish. Keep me posted on your development and hopefully I can get up there sometime in the future. Have fun!