Thursday, October 25, 2012

2012 Count Crankula Comp - Summary + Results

Yesterday Lib and I competed in the annual Count Crankula bouldering competition hosted by Red Rock Climbing Center. After spending all summer in the cave I took two weeks to get back into gym shape and used the comp as a goal and motivator.

With 90+ new problems and over 100 participants my only complaint about last night was not being able to climb as much as I would have liked. An average wait time between single efforts on a problem ranged from 15-20 minutes. That said I didn't climb a bad boulder. Setters and staff if you're reading this great job and thanks for all your hard work!

Lib and I both competed in the Open category and I was really psyched to find that the field was stacked for such a small local comp. Ethan made an unexpected appearance as well as strong local climbers like Mike, Keller, Ed, Bill and even a few climbers from California. It was great to session on problems with this crew and the motivation was through the roof.

Final scoring consisted of 5 climbs totaled into one point value. I was really happy with my performance flashing a few V8ish problems along with quick sends of a V9 and a V9/10 (best guess on grades based on their point values). I ended up taking 3rd place surrounded on either end by very strong climbers.

The big news of the night was Lib's complete domination of the advanced Women's catagory. I think the picture speaks for itself.

Not only did she win by almost 1,000 points, but her score would have also put her in 13th place in MEN'S Advanced. She tried really hard on every boulder problem and had a great performance. I'm sure you can look forward to a write-up on her blog soon about her personal experience.

Again big thanks to Red Rock Climbing Center, Desert Rock Sports, setters, staff, and everyone who came out to make it an awesome evening.