Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seagull Story Video

It's been about a week since I finished editing what will likely by the last Red Rock video in a while. Lib and I have been working hard to recoup the funds spent over the past nine months on the road. When I'm not shooting weddings downtown I've been focusing on training in the gym, specifically in areas where I'm lacking (finger/contact strength on/off of small holds). I love training to begin with, and the fact that I've been away from the gym for so long has given me added motivation to reach some personal short and long-term goals.

To bring this post back on track I don't have any of my own videos to share with you so I thought I would share an Origin Video of a company that I fully support and admire.

Check out some of the most incredible custom embroidery on the market here, including a Starry Night homage. Starry Night on a courier bag!


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