Saturday, May 12, 2012

Red Rocks - A Few New Boulders Video

Hey everyone! The lack of posts this month has been pretty lame on my part, but I swear I've been busy. Shooting weddings here in Vegas is a crazy job and the work has been anything but slow.

Here's a longer video of a few new boulders, variations, and sit starts in the scenic loop that Lib and I have cleaned and finished over the past couple weeks. I've included a list of problems and their place in the video, but if you have the time watch the whole thing because there are some hilarious rock breakages in slow motion. Also if you'd like to know any further or more detailed beta on the whereabouts of these lines feel free to shoot me a message on vimeo or leave a comment below.

As usual the grades are just our best guess.

Problems in order of appearance:

(0:12) Blackbeard's Delight V8/9

(1:29) Unemployment V4/5

(3:07) Lost in Thought V7

(4:13) Buried Alive V8/9

(6:35) Little Tortoise V5

(8:06) Hydropower Low V8

(8:51) Project V?


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