Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dead Rabbit Video

I've been shooting a lot of weddings downtown lately, but before I head back off to the land of drive thru ceremonies and green card weddings I was able to finish up this little video Lib shot during our day trip to Moe's Valley a couple days ago. Dead Rabbit is an awesome sustained crimp line on rock reminiscent of Joe's Valley. Toward the end of the day I decided on a whim to attempt this problem after some encouragement form fellow Flashed athlete Dave Hereema. I have to give Dave a big shout out for providing excellent beta that worked perfectly. Dead Rabbit is by far my hardest flash to date. It was even more satisfying because the style is one that I don't consider my strong suit. I guess all those crimpy Monkey Bar eliminates are paying off.

Stay tuned for videos of Show of Hands and a new FA in Willow Springs coming soon!


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