Monday, October 3, 2011

Trips Extended & Trips Postponed

The wide open skies over Priest Draw.

It's been a while since I last posted, however I can assure you Lib and I have been hard at work filming and climbing in Priest Draw, AZ.

Roughly two weeks ago I was staring down at the brutal flapper I got in Black Mountain, restless about when I could get back. In the meantime the climbing in Priest Draw offered a break on the tips and the weather was looking good.

We originally only planned for a few days, but after meeting and climbing with some very gracious locals we just couldn't seem to leave. (Thanks again Adrianne and Dustin!)

Ten days later, only when a pending engagement in Las Vegas was drawing near, we finally tore ourselves away from the immaculate limestone roofs.

On the plus side we came home with was a TON of footage of classic from V0-V10, however Lib's trusty steed may need another repair. In short, this means that as much as we would love to head back to Black Mountain it looks less and less likely.

So in true road tripping spirit we're adapting. Look for the next installment of our 5,000 miles project from Priest Draw in the next couple weeks.

While you're waiting here is a short from the footage we managed to get during our brief trip to Black Mountain. Hopefully we can get back sooner than later. Big thanks to Isaac for helping us out. Enjoy!


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